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About Kagip LTD

Company Kagip LTD is an Official Distributor of Dekang liquids for Europe. We have been an Official Distributor since 2012 providing a full range of Dekang`s products. Dekang is an e-liquids manufacturer with more than 50% market share in the e-liquids industry. Their products have been proven to be without any carcinogens and perfectly harmless for human’s health.

Kagip LTD strives always to be on top when it comes to wholesale of Dekang‘s e-liquids. As a Dekang Silver Distributor we put efforts in understanding our customers‘ needs. The market for e-cigarettes and tobacco liquids is a relatively new one and offers a lot of difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Kagip LTD perfectly understands this. This is why we aim at being a reliable and correct partner when selling Dekang Silver Liquids. We believe that together we are going to meet better the challenges of the tobacco liquids’ market. Our company relies on honesty and correctness when negotiating the wholesale of Dekang Silver Liquids. We already have strong business relations with customers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, UK, Italy, Romania, Germany, France and other European countries.
* Feel free to contact us and ask about minimum order quantity and prices of Dekang Liquids. You can rely on fast, punctual and reasonable response from us.

About Dekang Biotechnology

Dekang Biotechnology, one of the oldest, and now the largest manufacture of e liquid unity in the world.
Dekang is the only one who use high quality tobacco and bio extracts to make refilling liquid for electronic cigarette, the best quality and customer satisfaction second to none. Now it`s pleasure for us to present you the new bottle desing Dekang Silver label 10ml. The new bottle not refillable and world patent protected, consumers globally have the better rights to taste the authentic Dekang recipe with the use of new bottle.
Dekang will spare no effort to consolidate our image and spare no effort to crack down counterfeit.

Composition of the Vapor Flavor Dekang Silver label

Dekang uses only bio and natural flavor enhancers based on high quality and health friendly juices of their own manufacturing. It ensures the safety of its products by using friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances!

- Molecular technology secures natural extracts
- Elite brand tobacco
- High quality food propylene glycol
- Natural flavor enhancers only

Shipping and Delivery of Dekang products:

We can deliver Dekang products on all over Europe. The shipping time is 7-8 working days. The actual delivery charges will be calculated for you when we receive official order.